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What are allergies?

A white background with a black and white logoAllergies are caused by an abnormal response of a person’s immune system to normally harmless substances (allergens) that are present in the environment.  Pollens, dust mites, pet dander, and molds are common allergens.  Allergies can result from repeated exposure to the offending substance causing an inflammatory response in the body and may worsen over time.  Millions of Americans suffer from allergies, and the problem seems to be worsening. Living in the South, allergies can be a year round problem.  Itchy watery eyes, scratchy throat, congestion, runny nose, chronic sinus infections, and post nasal drip are all symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

How do I know if I have allergies?

The first step is seeing your ENT physician.  Looking at a person’s history, symptoms, physical exam, and timing of symptoms can all provide information on whether an allergy problem may be present.  Once this has been done, if more information is needed, an allergy test can be done to determine what substances may be causing the problem.  At Southern ENT Specialists, we offer pain free, needle free testing to get answers and find the root of the problem.

What can be done to treat allergies?

For the occasional allergy sufferer, either avoidance or the short-term use of medications to treat the symptoms may be sufficient.

For those that have more resistant symptoms, other approaches are generally necessary.  While medications may be very helpful to treat symptoms, they will not cure or desensitize a person to the problem.  Immunotherapy is generally considered the best way to decrease a person’s sensitivity to allergies and treat the underlying cause of their symptoms.

Traditional allergy shots involve committing to a long, inconvenient and uncomfortable course of painful allergy shots.  If you are frustrated with this option, we provide a pain free and easier alternative!  Testing can be done without painful needles, and treatment can be done from home with allergy drops.  This innovate treatment can not only save you time but save you money in the long run.  No need to come to the office every week for treatments.  Stop suffering, stop taking multiple medications and book an appointment to see if you would be a candidate for this state of the art, painless treatment.